2023 Top 10 Best Sandbar Parties

2023 Top 10 Best Sandbar Parties

1) Lake St. Clair

A freshwater lake in Michigan, Lake St. Clair is known to seasoned and inexperienced boaters for two significant yearly events, the Jobbie Nooner and the Muscamoot Bay Raft Off. Both events draw quite a crowd throughout summer, with the Raft Off calling all boaters to tie off their boats together, forming a long trail for people to walk on. One thing any visitor to Lake St. Clair should not miss out on is the SS Pizza Boat, slinging pizzas, burgers, chicken wings, and even ice cream to hungry boaters.

2) Nixon Beach Sandbar

Just north of the former Winter White House belonging to President Richard Nixon is Nixon Beach Sandbar. Located in Nixon’s Cove in Key Biscayne, Nixon Beach Sandbar offers stunning views of Miami. A perfect destination for locals and vacationers, boaters at Nixon Beach Sandbar can look forward to floating, snorkeling, grilling, and enjoying the beautiful white sand and crystal-clear water.

3) Lake Havasu

Located on the Arizona and California border, Lake Havasu’s sandbar resembles an island. This shallow water draws in hundreds of boats in the spring and summer, with boaters enjoying the opportunity to kick back and relax!

4) Lake Travis

Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, and Lake Travis is no exception! Lake Travis is home to Devil’s Cove, an iconic party area for people near Austin. Devil’s Cove is upwards of 60 feet, meaning boaters can partake in the novelties of their boat or maybe their neighbors, like jumping off a multi-level pontoon boat. Another noteworthy mention is Lake Travis’ many floating restaurants and bars.

5) Peanut Island

Located just northwest of Palm Beach, Peanut Island is well known to native Floridians and vacationers alike for its vast views as an 80-acre tropical park. Accessible by boat and even paddleboard, Peanut Island is the perfect location for friends or families looking to enjoy a beautiful clear day for snorkeling, fishing, and swimming.

6) Lake Tahoe

Sitting on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe showcases large mountain ranges and many pines to boaters lucky to see this view. Lake Tahoe is home to Zephyr Cove, known for its mile-long beach that attracts boaters interested in laying out in the sun, playing volleyball, and swimming. Zephyr Cove is dog-friendly for anyone wanting to share the day with their furry friend.

7) Lake Anna 

The second largest lake in Virginia only, Lake Anna was created to cool the nuclear power plant and boasts a unique feature that other sandbars on this list cannot offer. Due to the presence of the power plant, Lake Anna has both a cold and warm side, allowing boaters to choose throughout the seasons which they would prefer for the current weather. Lake Anna is home to numerous beaches for visitors to relax on and lakefront restaurants for the whole crew.

8) Beer Can Island

Located on Florida’s west coast in Tampa Bay, Beer Can Island is a unique spot featuring white sand, vibrant blue waterways, and forest greenery on a small island setting. In recent years, Beer Can Island created a floating tiki bar that offers food, drinks, and live DJs! Beer Can Island is perfect for friend groups and families and hosts a giant waterslide for all ages.

9) Torch Lake

Home to Michigan’s longest inland stretch of water, Torch Lake draws hundreds of boats every weekend for its crystal-clear water. The sandbar at Torch Lake is easily accessible by boat or kayak, and at any given time, boaters may even see people nearby using flyboards and hoverboards! Torch Lake is even home to a tour that allows boaters to visit breweries, wineries, distilleries, and many more around the lake.

10) Lake of the Ozarks

A man-made lake in Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks is quite the sight. With a shoreline that spans over 1100 miles, the Lake of the Ozarks has something for everybody. For a more relaxing day, boaters can fish, lie out in the sun, and visit one of the many restaurants for a meal on the water. For those looking for more fun, the Lake of the Ozarks features the Shootout, a charity powerboat race every summer, and Aquapalooza, which offers live music, vendors, and food!

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