• Products sold on are primarily intended to be used for recreation and relaxing in a marine environment.   As such, products that are not used in strict accordance with our installation guide could lead to personal property damage, serious injury or even death.  By purchasing our product offered, sold, or made available through this website, the buyer explicitly releases Sea Dragon Swings, Inc. from all liability and waives all legal rights whatsoever related to the improper installation, use, and removal of our products. 
  • By checking this box and accepting our terms for purchasing this product from Sea Dragon Swings, Inc, the buyer fully agrees to:
  • MUST read installation guide prior to any usage.  
  • ONLY use this product while watercraft is stationary, and the engine is OFF.  It is dangerous and unlawful to use this product while the boat is in motion or at idle.  
  • ALL Engines MUST be shut off to avoid risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.   
  • DO NOT use product under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • DO NOT jump on, hang from, or horse play on, or around swing frame.
  • You MUST secure and stow all additional strapping with the included Velcro to ensure there is NO trip, NO entanglement, or NO choke hazards.  
  • ALWAYS wear a life jacket when using swing on a watercraft or over water.  
  • DO NOT remove product warning labels. 
  • ALWAYS make sure to fully secure frame according to installation directions before usage.   
  • NEVER adjust the frame to more than 25 degrees away from the watercraft.  
  • Children MUST ALWAYS be supervised when using the swing.  
  • NEVER make any frame, seat, or strap adjustments while anyone is using the product.   
  • Assume ANY and ALL RISKS of personal property, injury or death resulting from improper use of the product.
  •  I have read, understand and accept ALL the above terms.