FAQs 1

How do I determine the swing system will work on my boat?

Most Flat surfaces from 67” to 79” in width.

What is the overall size of the bag?

(45”x12”x10”)  45” Length x 12” Width x 10” Height

How much weight will the swing system hold?

700lbs total (350lbs per chair)

How long does it take to set up and take down the swing?

1st time 5-10mins but after that 2-5min.

How much does the swing system weigh?

Approx 62 lbs

How many people are needed to assemble and disassemble swing system?

2 people are recommended.

What colors options are there?

Future colors will only be available on the Chairs, Hammocks in Blue, Red, Black and Yellow.   

Frame, Bag, Straps will remain in current colors of gray and black. 

Does the swing system float?

No. The frame is Metal and will sink. Use Assembly Pins and Boat attachment straps to mitigate the risk of lost components.

What happens when I lose a piece(s)?

You will have to contact SDS or go on our website at seadragonswings.com and order the missing pieces. 

What is the warranty on the swing system?

3 yrs limited warranty on Metal Frame and Hardware  / 1 yrs on wearable and canvas parts

How do I maintain the swing system?

Always rinse the complete system and completely wipe or let air dry before storage in bag.

Can I drive with the swing system set up on my boat?

Absolutely NOT. This is ONLY to be set up and used when the boat is stationary, not moving and with the engine off. Product liability and warranty will not cover any usage outside this. 

Can I attach other things to the swing system?

It is NOT recommended and will void the warranty in case of damage of system or personal injury or property damage.